A regular mama just like you, I’m on a journey to get in touch with my witchier side and recoup some of that ancient wisdom that came so naturally to our ancestors – whole food, herbal medicine and living in harmony with the world around us.

After years of living a hectic, fast-paced life in Sydney, working jobs that I hated to pay for my my fun yet ultimately unfulfilling lifestyle (and the constant trips I needed to escape it all), in 2013 I finally found the impetus I needed to make a change.

In love and pregnant, I moved to a small town in the hills of Cordoba, Argentina with my gorgeous partner Sebastian and of course our little bubba to be. It was a tough adjustment but we were lucky enough to bump into many brave and clever folk along the way – a gathering community of people who are on a similar journey to us to change their lives.

Many of these wonderful people have taught us a lot with their humble & creative lives, their courage and their conviction. And over the three years we’ve been here we’ve made some huge steps towards improving our health and happiness – building our little home in the hills, planting fruit trees and herbs and spending more time together in nature.

However it wasn’t until a bout of fertilty struggles and a brush with sadness earlier this year,

that I realised I had to do something BIGGER to regain my personal power and get back in tune with my intuition as a mother and a woman.

As a child, I was so much more in touch with plants. I believed I could talk to the trees and understand their language. I admired the fragance and delicate beauty of the flowers around me (I have fond memories of the smell of Lavendar and the sweet juice of Honeysuckles). And I was at home among them – climbing trees, hiding in bushes and picking petals to make my own special perfumes and potions. However somewhere along the way I lost some of that.

So I’m on a journey to get it back – to spend more time with plants, enjoy their beauty and wisdom and learn more about their nourishing and healing qualities.

I’m living and learning as I go along (so there are bound to be plenty of errors along the way) but if it takes your fancy and you don’t mind the ride, I’d love you to join me on this adventure. And remember, speak up! I’d love to hear what you have to teach me…

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  1. well done Katie. You are such a resilient young but very wise person. I admire your passion for life and nature.
    I’m definitely joining you on your adventure.
    Can’t wait for more posts!

    Lots of love and prosperous vibes to u and your beautiful fam in Atgentina.

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